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London based music lover, record collector, and sound quality purveyor, Koast’s sets range from deeper and techie twists for the clubs, to more chill and soulful house for chill out areas, his mixing smoothly combines elements of jackin, funk, latin, jazzy elements & global beats.

Experienced and versitile holds an impressive record of residencies and appearances from superclubs to cosy bars, rooftops, beach clubs and high end bar restaurants, and appearances that range from huge festivals to all the kind of bars/clubs, beach, street parties and rave/warehouse parties. having open festival and parties for some of the most well known names in the music industry Including Mark Ronson, Sasha, Atjazz, mihai Popoviciu 


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London based music lover and record collector, became hooked on electronic music in the '90s in his home city of Athens. In the last 7 years he is resident dj, in Abu Dhabi and currently is resident dj at Bentley and Nocturnal events that take place in Up and Below. Koast is no newcomer to the electronic music scene, he's had a number of long term residencies in Athens, Manchester and Abu Dhabi. He's also played in many Greek cities and islands, as well as in the UK, and worked alongside some very talented and well known artists locally and intenationally.� His love and passion for electronic music leads him to discover cutting edge artists, labels as well as old hidden gems. Being a native of Athens, there was always something happening in the music scene in the city that never sleeps. Like many djs, began collecting records and making mixed tapes to share among his friends in his teens and spent a lot of time during this period playing his records on a local pirate radio station. In the early 90s, he discovered techno, house and d'n'b at his very first rave parties, and he became a regular feature at the electronic music events in the city. From there, his passion was born and still remains more than twenty years on. Having already been heavily influenced by the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Louie Vega, Digweed & Sasha, Frankie Knuckles, as well as listening the cream of the Greek djs, he moved to Manchester in 1998 and discovered ‘Eastern Bloc’ record shop alongside other stores. That was the catalyst. A haven of the greatest underground electronic records he had ever seen! He became a regular at the shop and as his knowledge grew, so did his musical influences. Since that time, his influences have been taken from labels such as; Nightshift, Robsoul, Classic Music Company, Defected, Yoshitoshi, Ibadan, Seasons, Om, Airtight, Lowdown Music, Aroma, Amenti, Yoruba, Bedrock, Strictly Rhythm, City Rockets, Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Poker Flat, Cocoon, End, Vega Records, Objektivity, 3am, Lazy Days, Tribe Records and Atjazz Record Company, among the many others that make up his almost 5000 vinyl collection. This collection, made the transition from dance floor to dj booth easier. He soon found himself regularly invited to play at some legendary clubs in Manchester such as, The Music Box, The Zoo, The Attic, as well as being an organiser & resident dj for ‘Dancibel’ held at Zumbar. In 2007, when Koast returned to his home city, he had a long term bi-weekly residency at Liquid Bar in the heart of Athens. He also, joined a team of like-minded djs and they created the ‘In Progress’ nights at Void Dance Bar. Since then Koast has had a number of guest sets all over the country, at places like Astron, Loop, Mezcal, Casablanca Soul (Santorini), Paraga Beach (Mykonos), Mojo Club (Ios) and more...In 2012, Koast moved to Abu Dhabi. Since this time, he has played at some high-profle venues in and around the city. A long term residency dj at Monte-Carlo Beach Club (now Saadiyaat Beach Club and residencies at Sho Cho, Lemon & Lime Up and Below, Rays Bar, Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Nation Riviera Beach Club (St Regis), Glo Lounge (Rosewood) and also had guests sets at the amazing Blu Beach (Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton Muscat) , People by Crystal, Ornina, Azura, Saadiyaat Beach Golf Club, Allure, The Terrace, exclusive events at Fashion TV parties, Red Bull events & also doing warm-up and after-party sets at major concerts such as 'Green Grooves' with Mark Ronson. At this time, he is resident dj in Abu Dhabi, at Bentley Kitchen, Cho Gao (Crowne Plaza), Level Lounge, and resident dj at Nocturnal events which they take place at Up and Below.